Noga offers innovative solutions for industrial applications, all of which are designed to save you time and money. Engineered to exceed your expectations, Noga products incorporate cutting edge technology with heavy duty craftsmanship. INTERNAL & EXTERNAL QUICK CONNECT COUNTERSINK SET · New Rotodrive Countersink concept allows chamfering on internal and external bars and tubes. · The countersink blades can be easily and quickly connected to the blade holder. Includes: · (1) NG-1 Handle NG1000. · (1) Cranked quick connect holder CH3300. · (1) 25mm Countersink blade BC2511. · (1) 28mm Countersink blade EX3001. Model #NG1810 ORDER #99-001-528H $ Reg. Price $66.99 19 40SET NON-SCRATCH DEBURRING BLADE SET · Removing burrs from workpieces may sometimes leave unsightly scratches, Noga's NG-1 handle with the NEW non-scratch blade with safety cap will prevent friction therefore eliminating scratches. · Works best on steel, aluminum and plastic materials. Includes: Model #NG1910 · (1) Model #BS9110 non-scratch ORDER #99-001-531H high speed steel blade with $ 99 plastic safty cap to protect workpiece EA. surface from scratches. Reg. Price $13.29 7 ADJUSTABLE CERAMIC MINI DEBURRING SCRAPER SET MINI CERAMIC HANDLE AND CONVEXED DEBURRING BLADE SET · Ceramic mini scraper is ideal for surface cleaning, trimming deburring and parting line deflashing almost all plastics. · Special blade designed for safety. Includes: · (1) Model #YT10004 ceramic mini scraper handle - the perfect grip for adjustable ceramic mini Model #CR4100 scrapers. ORDER #99-001-534H · (1) Model #CR4500 fine ceramic mini scraper blade. $ 79 Reg. Price $32.99 19EA. · Ideal for surface scraping and parting line deflashing. · Perfect for all plastic materials and soft metals. Includes: · (1) Model #CR1400 mini ceramic handle, with storage space for blades, is a unique mini plastic handle that holds the blade by its self gripping taper Storage space for blades. · (1) Model #CR1550 mini convexed blade is Model #CR1500 ideal for surface scraping and parting line ORDER #99-001-533H deflashing on small fine parts. For additional sizes & info, see master catalog page 1175 available now on the web $ Reg. Price $26.99 1750 EA. 20 PIECE S100 HEAVY DUTY BLADE SET With NogaGrip 1 Handle PLATINUM BOX SET Cobalt blades · Deburrs plastic and hard materials. Includes: · (1) NogaGrip 1 handle. · (20) S100 (E100) cobalt blades. · Collected to meet the total requirements of tool and die makers and for deburring specialists. Includes: · (1) Double burr. · (1) NG-1 & (1) NG-3 handle. · (1) Teddy burr handle · (1) Each of holders S, N, K, D, C & T. · (1) 18mm external rotodrive blade. · (1) 10.4mm rotodrive countersink. · (1) Each of blades N1, N2, S10, S20, S30, S150, N80K, D50, D66, C20 & T790. · (1) 1.5mm hex key. ORDER #99-000-143H Model #NG8250 $ Reg. Price $35.19 2459 SET ORDER #99-000-172 H For additional sizes & info, see master catalog page 1173 available now on the web Model #NG9500 $ Reg. Price $149.99 9999 SET 38 Phone: 1-800-503-0843 | Fax: 1-866-263-0904 | |Web: www.travers.com | Email: sales@travers.com Web: www.traverscanada.com | Email: canada@travers.com Phone: 1-800-221-0270 | Fax: 1-800-722-0703
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